Introducing Wren and her nursery

Our newest girl arrived mid September and we are all in major love with her. The twins are obsessed with "my baby" as they call her and are constantly checking where she is and if she is happy and if she is crying they say "you ok baby Wren you ok! I'm here! Your mommy is here". Its pretty much the cutest ever. And her birth and the past month couldn't have looked different then the experience with the twins. No two month NICU stay, she latched like a champ and CAME HOME with me from the hospital. Its been so healing for our whole family to have this experience and we are so grateful for God's goodness to us. The NICU was so hard but I know I wouldn't appreciate Wren's birth the way I do if we hadn't gone through what we did. I am grateful for that perspective and even more aware of the miracle that our twins are. God is so good. 

Designing her nursery was also a healing experience for me. With the twins being born so early (31 weeks) I didn't get to finish (or really start) their nursery before they were born and then it had to come together very quickly amid reno dust and decisions that were made in the haze of the NICU. With Wren's nursery, I got to really think through and plan and finish it before she was born. The twins and I would just hang out in her room this summer and enjoy it.

Wren's nursery is the twins old nursery and I wanted to keep the paint colors and also make it special for her. So we did paint the baseboard and add a few trim details but the rest of the paint stayed the same and the rug stayed too.The rocker is Sam Moore and I bought it when I was pregnant with the twins. (See how it looked for the twins nursery here).  Even with leaving all the main elements the same I really think the room feels completely different! 

We painted one of the twins cribs a happy yellow and added this PERFECT rug from RugsUSA. It was so affordable too, only around $140 for a 5x8 during one of their sales. The mobile is from Pottery Barn teen and is such a fun statement. 

Other then that it was just adding accessories like the pink pouf I got at Nordstrom Rack for around $50 and the brass floor lamp from Target. We switched out the ginormous fan for a rattan fixture from Ikea and I added some new art like the moon from Hobby Lobby with the saying "love you to the moon and back" which we have always told our girls. 

Luke added some trim to the built-in doors and it just makes them feel more finished. The built ins hold the twins toys so they can play while I nurse. 

We reused the twins campaign dresser as a changing table and the mirror is my grandmothers that she gave to my mom and I stole from my mom. My grandparents got it in Indonesia when they lived there. I painted it a fun pink and its such a statement. 

I love the way it turned out and Luke loved that he didn't have to repaint. Its been a wild ride figuring out this family of 5 (!!!) thing and one day we will get to the store and actually remember the diaper bag for Wren and the waters and snacks for the twins. Baby steps. 

The twins big girl room REVEAL / before and after

Well its finally here, the twins big girl room reveal! Only about 4 months after it was finished but still. We started planning and redoing this room late last fall knowing that we would probably be adding a baby this year and now here we are, 5 months pregnant with baby number 3 and so grateful we tackled this project before I was pregnant! 


This room started off as our junk/ guest room. You know, the throw everything in and close the door room. But we knew that long term it would be the twins room because it is right off their playroom/bathroom. (See that before and after here!) The room has some fun character like built-ins and a few nooks and I was excited to tackle it. 

We had a few things to do structural wise before we could get to the fun stuff like moving an air vent (you can see it above) so it wouldn't be under one of the beds and ripping out some built-ins that needed to be a closet. You can see the built-ins in the first before photo and Luke's favorite part demo happening below. 

Since the girls will be sharing this room I really wanted them to eventually have their own closets so the side by side closets we added worked perfectly. 

Luke and his dad built some custom doors for the closets and I LOVE the finished result! I found the leather pulls at Hobby Lobby and the sconce is Urban Outfitters. 

There was also this little weird kinda bookshelf but too narrow for almost all books shelf in one corner so we changed it into a book rack and its one of my favorite details in this space!


Ahh the wallpaper, another favorite detail! I knew I wanted the space to be a special space for little girls to grow up in and this spoonflower wallpaper was perfect- the little faces on the flowers are so sweet. It also plays perfectly with the peach and green theme. I was struggling to find a perfect peach for the walls and my friend Lindsay suggested maybe using the same peach that I had painted as an accent stripe in the adjoining playroom and I loved that idea! I ended up cutting the strength by 50% since peach can be overwhelming and the final color is perfect. Its 50% peach nectar by Benjamin Moore and the green is Great Barrington Green by Benjamin Moore. 

You like the christmas presents on the shelves? I took the before photos mid December ha. 

My grandmother gifted me some jenny lind beds that I slept on as a little girl in her house and its so special my girls get to use them now! She also had the sweet white bedding and I added a throw from TJ Maxx, pillowfort sheets from Target, and the buffalo check duvet and pillow are Ikea. The yellow velvet pillow and down insert are from Amazon and the quality is amazing for the price! The sconces are Urban Outfitters and the tables are CB2. I got the floral garland from the dollar section at Target and the silhouettes were my Christmas present from Dapper and Darlingand I highly recommend them! 

The flush mount fixtures are such a fun pop of yellow, they are these really affordable Pottery Barn Kids ones that I spray painted.

We did simple roll shades on the windows for now. We were going to put in plantation shutters and eventually we still will but the twins like to hang on the plantation shutters downstairs and I didn't want them to rip them off the windows, so we decided to wait until they are a little older before we invest in them. Same goes for hardwood floors, they are on the long term plan but the carpet is great for now. 

All the items on the built-ins where chosen for their non break-ability since we have active little climbers! 

So that's it! I'm so grateful to have this room finished and the twins love it. Now we start on baby girl number 3's nursery- which hopefully I will have finished and blogged before she is a year old. Goals. Let me know any questions you have in the comments and I'll try my best to answer! 

How to easily hang a large gallery wall

I've hung large gallery walls for clients when I was working at a design firm, but recently I decided I wanted a family photo gallery wall down our hallway. A large 20ish piece gallery wall (cue Luke getting stressed). But I have a few tricks that help make it SO MUCH easier and dare I say stress free? Luke even mentioned how easy it was- and we hung 18 frames in less than an hour. 
BEFORE: I'm standing in my living room taking this picture and you can see the wall where the gallery wall is going peeking out. 
Also these light fixtures for my hall are so fun and only $30! My friend Briana (who is so talented and you should be following her NOW) found them for her hall and I totally copied her and now we are light twinsies. Anyhow- I got the oil rubbed bronze version and sprayed them black.  
I knew I wanted to remove that frame and the doorbell. WHY do people hang doorbells (and thermostats???) right in the middle of the wall? After we had a blank wall I went to Ikea's website and got the sizes of 3 different frames and used a craft paper roll to cut out about 10 templates of each size. I then used washi tape and played with the templates on the wall until I had the layout I wanted.
When you get to hanging the frames I find its easier if you have several pictures on the same line so the hanging measurements are the same. You can see how the three pictures on the left are in a vertical line and how the bottom row has 4 pictures that are different orientations but the same vertical height. This helps! 
All 18 of the Ribba frames ready to go. 

Then grab your laser level. Thank goodness for laser levers. The frames that are on the same line we would hang the two nails for one frame and then laser level the line up and go ahead and mark on the paper the next two or so frames and nail them all in at one time. Also using two nails to hang is so much easier! You don't have to get the center because the frame will sit on the two nails and you can slide to the left and the right to make sure its lined up with the other frames below and above it. We spaced our nails about 2 to 4 inches apart depending on the size of the frame. This also helps it hang straight and not get crooked like they do when you hang on one nail.
Progress! After you nail in the nails over the paper, rip the paper off the wall and your marks are gone and you are left with a clean wall! 

Final! I ordered all my family photos from Shutterfly and can't wait to get them in! What do you think about my system? It makes it so much easier and not as stressful because you can see your layout completely before you hang. It has helped me so much and I hope it helps you! 

Budget Breakdown / the laundry room

I'm back today with our budget for the Laundry Room reveal. I'm always interested to see how other blogger's projects break down budget wise- I feel like it helps others figure out if its doable for them when you share some numbers for a bigger DIY project.  We've been saving up for a while to do the laundry room- we never finished it last year when we did our big kitchen renovation (see the kitchen before and afters here) so its been unfinished for about a year and at the top of our project list. 
If you remember this is what we started with (YIKES).

We had already laid tile in this room and bought an extra 6' butcher block countertop last year when we did the kitchen renovation so that was awesome to have that already done. But other than that here is our list of what we did

- Build and install new dutch door
- Sheetrock in wall
- Baseboard trim
- New light fixture
- New sconces
- Install butchblock countertop over washer/ dryer
- Build custom electrical panel cover
- Build stained shelves with L brackets for pantry (5 total) and one over the washer/dryer
- Paint ceiling and patch where fluorescent light was
- Patch and paint walls 
- Paint all trim 
- Install dryer bars 
- Lots of baskets and accessories for storage 

Total spent = $890

Breakdown (these are round numbers)

$180 - Sheetrock, Framing, Paint 
$160 - Shelving, Stain and Brackets for shelves
$150 - Dutch Door. We purchased a door from our local salvage yard and cut it up and added hardware. 
$90 - Electrical Panel cover. This would have been less but we got charged over $30 for shipping for a decorative panel oops.
$120 - Lighting. We ordered the same light fixture we used in our kitchen reno and these two sconces.
$190 - Accessories and storage.  

For a total room redo we were pretty excited with that number! I was so grateful we had already bought the tile and the countertop which would have added about $350 I think?
If you are looking for a specific source most of the sources are in the one room challenge posts- this post has the introduction to the space and before photos, this post has the design plan,  this post has sheetrock and paint up, this post has details on the DIY shelves and lighting, and this post has our DIY dutch door and electical panel cover. 

I so enjoyed being part of the One Room Challenge this year- it was my first time and a super positive experience. Thanks to Linda for hosting! 

I'm back later this week with my favorite way to hang a large gallery wall- 18 frames!

One Room Challenge REVEAL / the laundry room

Reveal day is here! Redoing our laundry room for the One Room Challenge has been such a fun experience for me. Its been great to have the push to finally finish the room and the accountability that we only had 6 short weeks! If you are just catching up, this post has the introduction to the space and before photos, this post has the design plan,  this post has sheetrock and paint up, this post has details on the DIY shelves and lighting, and this post has our DIY dutch door and electical panel cover. And now that everyone is caught up, lets get to the reveal!
I am so grateful for my sweet and talented friend Sophie Brendle Photography who captured this space for me. What would us bloggers do without talented photographers? It seriously takes a village. 

We've come a long way, do you remember these befores? See more before photos here. I never thought I would be so excited to see 4 walls. #adulting

The DIY Dutch door turned out so well and now because the laundry room is so pretty I leave the top open most of the time. An added benefit is that I notice more that my laundry is ready to move over so I actually might finish laundry before dinner some days. Maybe not but its still pretty to look at now. It also is the best place to put up our golden retriever when people come over. More details on the dutch door here. I painted it Benjamin Moore onyx to match the other doors in the house. 
The walls in the laundry room are Benjamin Moore Brewster Grey. I hung two of these ikea rails on the wall to hang out clothes that don't need to go in the dryer (and have already used them a lot) with two vintage ship paintings above. The Ikea rails were $10 a piece verses the $25 a piece for the original towels bars I was looking at. Our DIY pantry shelves are next to the rails and I'm so excited to actually have a space for all my food so its not shoved in the upper cabinets in the kitchen! 

On the other side of the room live the washer and dryer with an Ikea butcher block counter-top (last year when we bought our kitchen counter-tops we bought an extra 6' length knowing we would do the laundry room eventually). The plug in sconces are so pretty for $30 a piece (details here) and the DIY electrical panel is one of my favorite things in the space! And we hung the butcher block higher than it needed to be over our washer and dryer as the new washers are typically taller then the ones we have and we didn't want to have to redo the butcher block when ours need to be replaced.

I put a couple of glass vases on top of the butcher block to hold laundry essentials and to catch the lint that I inevitably clean and then let sit in a pile on top of the dryer until it annoys me. 
I really love everything about this room, it was so fun to have a vision and bring it fully to completion in 6 weeks. I'll be back next week with a budget breakdown and source list for the space, (hint: we spent less than $1000 to do this entire room including finishing the walls, lighting, shelving, countertops and every trim piece and accessory). 

Thanks so much to Linda for hosting and make sure you check out all the other room reveals over at One Room Challenge, there are so many good ones!