DIY neon triangle paper mobile

 Hello! I know its been a while since I checked in and I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. We did. The twins are doing so well and just thriving, 4 months old now! Cannot believe how time flies, I am trying to soak up every moment with my girls while they are this little. 
One of my best friends from growing up came and spent the weekend with us and we crafted fun mobiles for the girls while watching The Holiday. Perfect girls day. The twins are getting to the age where they are fascinated with bright colors so we knew we wanted something bright so I figured neon pink would work. 
It was a super easy DIY and the girls LOVE it, and I think supplies for both mobiles cost around $25. 
- Colored cardstock. we did a mix of pinks, yellows and oranges.  Ours was about $.60 a sheet and we used one sheet of each color

- Hoops. We found ours where the leather and string area in Hobby Lobby. Think they were embroidery hoops? About $2 a hoop and I spray painted them gold. They only had silver in our store but I've seen them in gold before too.

- Triangle paper cutter. Biggest time saver. Found in the scrapbooking area. The most expensive thing at $10, but I used the 40% coupon!

-Gold thread. 

-Hot glue

Start by cutting out lots of triangles in each color. You are going to glue two triangles back to back so you don't see the glue. Then figure out how low you want your mobile to hang. We did about 18" hanging down from the mobile so you want to cut your strings at 24". You are going to tie your strings on the hoops at 18" and then twist the string around and glue the ends in one of your triangles. Does that make sense? That way you don't have any loose strings hanging out.
See? Gluing the triangles back to back makes it look cleaner. 

We laid our hoop out and stretched the strings straight out. Then we set out the triangles in just random patterns. Every string was different and then we started gluing. The gluing took the longest and we watched The Holiday while we glued. Best movie ever. 
 To attach to the ceiling I braided three strands and tied in the center of the hoop and then twisted it up to the ceiling were Luke hung a C hook from the ceiling. Just loop some of the strands through the hook. Easy peasy.

Good Housekeeping mention!

I had a fun surprise over the weekend when I found out that Good Housekeeping wrote about one of my favorite DIY's... my gold gilded books. Check out the story here!

We are going on day three around here of plumbers getting the new bathroom ready. I just want it to be done! But they are getting closer and by the end of this week I should have a tub, toilet and sink installed. Also the room got wired over the weekend and after the inspector comes this week we should be good to sheetrock! We have a goal of being done by the second week of August and I think we are really close. I can't really see the light at the end of the tunnel but I can tell its coming.

our DIY sputnik / copy of LGN's

 Sometimes you just have to go with a DIY you know will rock it because Jenny from Little Green Notebook did it first. And that is what I did here with her DIY Sputnik fixture. We needed a new light fixture for our living room so I snagged the 22" diameter ikea fixture (smaller then the one Jenny used). 
 All in all the project took around 3 hours from start to hanging the fixture and that was with 30 minutes of drying time for the gold spray paint. I just watched lots of modern family and glued my amuse bouche cups. Luke snapped this picture when I was about 40 cups in and still had 40 to go.
We LOVE the final product and it cost about $70 total. Luke even gets on me when I turn off the light because he likes the way it looks lit up so much haha! 

Home Depot post is live!

Our Home Depot post is live! We’ve been working like crazy to get this done and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it. If you remember, this is what we started with.

Eeek. We worked hard and added the deck and the pea gravel patio (well actually Luke worked hard, this was about the time I found out I was pregnant with the twins so manual labor wasn’t really in my future. I directed very well.) I did paint the trim (with a ventilator haha) and that made the biggest difference! So glad to have the stark white gone.

Such a huge difference! I was 14 weeks pregnant in this picture and definitely showing so I was trying to suck it in ha! The backyard is a place we love to hang out in now and I'm so grateful to have been part of this process.

Check out the home depot post for how we made this fun DIY herb garden, we love having it next to the grill!
The firepit area has already seen so much use, especially by this preggo lady who has been craving smores a lot.
Let me know what you think of the transformation after you read the home depot post, it has lots more photos and details!